Working Gundog

Drop in Clinic

29th June 2024

The Working Gundog Drop in Clinic is for those that are:

  • Needing advice and help on training your first gundog
  • Training tips for pups and young dogs.
  • How to get the result you need for your first beating dog.
  • looking to get into trialling but need some help and advice.
  • looking for some guidance or input on the current standard of one of your dogs.
  • needing help with marking and retrieving at all ages.

The day is focussed on any variety of spaniel but could be expanded out to retrievers if demand is there.

The day would include:

30 min session for one dog & one handler
45 min session for two dogs & one handler

In this session handlers will be able to work the dogs, retrieving as appropriate and have some 1-1 help and guidance on what they would need to focus on for entering their first trial.

This will be given by trainers at the appropriate level. At the current moment we have two A Panel Field Trial Judges booked (Mark Clifford and Victoria Williams) in addition there are other trainers that specialise in lower levels and puppies.

Refreshments would be included for all clinic sessions and there are facilities on site for the presentations, training as well as parking, toilets etc.


29th June 2024 starting at 10am


The GWCT Allerton Project
Visitor Centre
Main Street

Free Additional Sessions

Add to your training day with these free sessions to help you prepare for Trialling. These sessions are available to all, whether you’ve attended the main training or not. Timings on the day and the duraton of training will be confirmed. Book your free training place for one or both free session.

Field Trialing The Basics

A presentation session to present the key areas of trialling – the rules, regulations and standards.

Discussion around lived experience of field trials and how to prepare you, not just the dog!

Field Trialling and the Future

Jemma Clifford, The GWCT Allerton Project.

Covering the GWCT code of good shooting practice, sustainable game release, habitat creation & predator management. Discussion based session around how field triallers all have a responsibility to protect our sport into the future.

Fun Scurry & Raffle

A fun scurry will be held at £5 a go, it will be cash only on the day with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

We will also hold a raffle, and for those not taking part in the clinic sessions refreshments will be available to purchase on the day.

This is a Spaniel Club event with all proceeds to go to the club.


The Spaniel Club is committed to organising the Championship and its Field Trials in a manner, which promotes the development of the Working Spaniel through good sportsmanship and field trial competition. The Organisers require all persons attending the Championship or Field Trial to abide by the following:


  1. Will at all times treat attendees with courtesy and keep them informed in an open and honest manner.
  2. Will manage the event with due regard to the safety and welfare of people and animals.
  3. Will act with regard to any Statutory Law and The Kennel Club regulations.
  4. Will ensure that the event respects all traditional sporting ethics including the respect of game.
  5. Will use their best endeavours to give spectators every viewing opportunity.
  6. Will promote and encourage the participation of youth.
  7. Will report any incident immediately to the Chief Steward.


  1. All competitors are required to compete in a sporting manner, to be courteous toward others and respectful of the wishes of the Hosts and Organisers.
  2. Show due respect to the Hosts and organisers with regard to appropriate dress code throughout the event.
  3. Must attend to the welfare of their dog(s) at all times.
  4. Must remove all dog fouling within the environs of accommodation and the meet.
  5. Will ensure the smooth running of the Championship or Field Trial by being ready to enter the line in accordance with the instructions issued by the Organisers.
  6. Must report any incident at the earliest opportunity to the Chief Steward.


In acknowledgement of the commitment given by the organisers and the competitor, the spectators are required to:

  1. Comply with and be bound by the Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations where they might additionally be interpreted to apply to persons present at a field trial.
  2. Comply with the wishes of the Championship or Field Trial Host and Officials.
  3. Must remain with the spectating gallery to avoid any disturbance or interference being caused to the ground, judges, guns, competing handlers and dogs.
  4. Obey the instructions of the Flagmen who will keep the spectating gallery well positioned only if noise is kept to a minimum. This gallery will only move forward when the dogs are hunting.
  5. Be courteous toward others at the Championship or Field Trial and be respectful of the ground by ensuring that all litter and waste is removed.
  6. Immediately advise an official in the event that they suspect another spectator is missing.